Splinterlands social media challenge! //today my drawing picture, image name "Swamp Thing"

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hi guys, how are you!
I hope everybody is well.

Splinterlands social media challenge! //today I drew picture.This week my first post. The name of creature picture "Swamp Thing". To me it felt like a tree with people and ghosts.It looks amazing.

This is the latest picture I have drawn.

Today i have use only Three colors. first i selected this art card link https://splinterlands.com/ here
and then download.

My drawing Materials are:
A4 size paper-
Color Pencil-
Sign pen-
Eraser- etc.
I have been need these materials to draw pictures.

First I art the full body of the "Swamp Thing" with pencil:


Then i started painting. I look at the picture and draw, I paint the picture with color pencil. And I try to paint step by step the image with my painted pencil.

Here are some steps of this art :

First step:
first i chose green color. To me it looks like a tree animal so i paint color green first. Most of the parts i paint green color.


Second step:
I use orange color on the fingers and on the curved parts of "Swamp Thing". That's why the picture looks so beautiful and stands out.


Third step:
Now, i use yellow color on "Swamp Thing" teeth, forehead and eyes.


I hope everyone like my art and support me. Thanks for reading my post & thanks for the upvote all my friends.

Splinterlands social media challenge link

Here's my referral link

Thanks a lot, good luck!!


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well tried.
Keep trying to improve your art for bigger rewards.