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Hello everyone,

I hope you're having a great start to your week.

In 2018/2019 I was travelling through South America and I painted 9 murals in total in Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. I was also invited to paint in Argentina, but I had to move on to the next place. This was an incredible experience for me, one I will never forget. Painting in each place led to amazing conversations with local people and fellow travellers.

These two pics are of me painting one of the larger murals I painted in Brazil, this one in Morro De Sao Paulo, a beautiful island in the North East of Brazil.



Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.52.05.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.52.27.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.52.33.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.52.14.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.51.57.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.51.49.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 23.51.37.png

I hope I can travel again and paint another mural in the near future.

Thanks for reading



The cat? how did it get up there?

@macchiata Cats can jump very high! haha, just joking, I think it was my friend who took the picture who put the kitten on my shoulder.

strangely they stayed. maybe kitten hates me cause they never stick on my shoulder like that.

Mural work is always so much fun to do!
And you have done a good job here. The winner here is the cat with the brush tho :D

@aishwarya thank you! Yes I agree, can be exhausting physically though, especially in extreme heat! Haha

Incredible work on these murals. Well done!

I thought that first shot of you would be great on one of those artist description things people who are actually professional seem to like using, and then I saw the second one and shrivelled up from cuteness overdose XD

The mural looks awesome, I love the swirly vines, and particularly impressed with the coconut fronds coming around the corner and maintaining perspective :)

@ryivhnn thanks! I use that photo for my Youtube channel, I think for my Minds profile too. Haha!

Thanks very much, it was fun! And it was at the pool area of the building. I had to paint some of the ceiling, looking directly up whilst standing on a chair, that was a challenge!

the drawings are amazing yes.... but you have a cat on your shoulder which looks like its trying to paint....
thats the cutest thing i have seen all day... 😍

@masummim haha! Thank you. The cat was very cute, he would run up to me constantly as I was painting, playing with my paints and brushes on the floor :)

Your mural is so beautiful !

I bet cat did all that :D