3dArt: Pig head

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¡Hola hiveans! feliz fin de semana 😀
En esta oportunidad les comparto nuevamente mi arte en forma de video como la vez anterior, y de igual manera, con música sin derechos de autor, por aquí pueden encontrar dicha canción

Este modelo también esta hecho con escultura y sin ninguna referencia jeje, quizás se vea un poco perturbador 😆 pero creo que tiene buena pinta. Algo que usé en este arte que en el anterior no, fueron la metabola y el volumen para hacer el efecto de las nubes. ¿Qué les pareció este arte en 3D?

Hello hiveans! happy weekend 😀
On this occasion I share my art with you again in the form of a video like last time, and in the same way, with music without copyright, here you can find said song

This model is also made with sculpture and without any reference hehe, maybe it looks a little disturbing 😆 but I think it looks good. Something I used in this art that I didn't in the previous one was the metabola and the volume to make the effect of the clouds. What did you think of this 3D art?


cabeza de cerdo.jpg

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That is absolutely terrifying XD Well done though, especially on the painting :D Is retopo the next thing to learn or do you just avoid that because I think almost everyone hates retopo XD

I wasn't looking for this kind of result with an air of "wanted" hahaha, but I liked it.

I haven't done retopology in a while, since the goal is to practice a little sculpture, it's not necessary either. It is also like a type of therapy to clear the mind making these sculptures, at first I didn't feel very good because of some problems I had, but in the end I had forgotten everything and I felt good :D

I saw the wings you are making, how well done, you are a pro

I always think it's more important to be happy with your own work XD

I love sculpting, it is pretty chill XD though I haven't done dynatopo sculpting for a while, some good excuse will come up eventually, got plenty of things to make.

Glad the sculpting was so therapeutic and helped you to feel better, hope you got into a good headspace to help solve the problems!

Hehe thanks, I am very not a pro though, otherwise I would know some faster and more convenient way to do them and I would be so much further along in my project by now ^_^;

When you feel good about the result and the process is like that, super good :D

I think this is like medicine, there is always something new to learn, but you are super good.

Yep and there will always be something to learn :D

Great to edit your creation on video is a big plus.

Thanks friend, it is better to show the process like this than with some images.

Bravo, continue your projects are excellent!!

Hoy no me limitare a dejar el mensaje estandar por que este es un trabajo maravilloso. Felicidades.
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Thanks buddy, I also consider this something I do to de-stress.

Congratulations on the great work!

thanks for supporting me friend
Happy Anniversary GIF

Welcome, You have done great work. I think it is fantastic skills.