🌻🌻 Drawing sunflower flowers painted with watercolors. 🌻🌻

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Hello friends,

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope by the grace of God, everyone is fine. Today I will share with you all a very beautiful sunflower drawing with water color. I shared with you how I drew this flower. I hope you all like it very much.


🎨 Ingredients 🎨

• art book
• pen
• water Colour
• brush


Details :

step 1 :

First I picked up a book to draw. Then I took a pen. Then I drew a small circle with a pen. Then I drew four pages.


step 2 :

Then I started drawing sunflower flowers like this. In this way I drew half.


step 3 :

Then I drew all the leaves in this way. Then I painted the middle part of a sunflower.


step 4 :

Then I drew two leaves on the bottom of the sunflower. Then I took an orange color. Then I started coloring the upper leaves.


step 5 :

Then I started coloring the leaves one by one. Then I slowly painted half of it.


step 6 :

Then I painted the whole part in the middle part in this way.


step 7 :

Then I painted the lower part of the leaves green. Then I painted the middle part with black paint. Then I finished drawing a beautiful sunflower.


Thanks everyone