Night sky

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altan viewsmall.jpg

Hey there

Todays drawing is one I made a while back, but never got around to posting. Every time I notice the sky looking pretty (usually in the evening when everything is that nice shade of dark blue, or when there's a sunset and everything is purple or red)I take a picture of it and save it for later reference. At some point I decided it would be fun to draw one of the skies I had taken pictures of, and so here we are. It's no-where near perfect, but I'm still pretty happy with it, especially as a first try. It's something I really want to try working on in the future, since I've never really been good at drawing backgrounds.That's all for now though, I'll see you all around

altan view.jpg

Hi there I'm scarlet-rain a 19 year old girl from Denmark, who enjoy drawing anime style drawings and animations in my spare time. I also post on Instagram