Drawing Splinterlands Monster - YODIN ZAKU.

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3 (3).jpg

Here I presented you my drawing of "YODIN ZAKU".

First, I followed the official image from here and then I drew it and then I colored it with water color.

YODIN ZAKU is a legendary fire monster of untamed edition. In splinterlands market, this card is worth lowest 715.00$ at the moment I'm writing this.


I drew the entire sketch at first with a pencil.

3 (1).jpg

Then I started coloring it with my water color. At first I colored the hair then the hands, the leg and the face.

3 (2).jpg

Then I colored the remaining parts and after I finished coloring everything, I drew black border on all over the drawing and I then I gave finishing touch on the painting.

3 (3).jpg

After the finishing touch, it gave the final look.

That's it.

I'm still learning and trying to do better with my drawing.
So please don't think otherwise and keep supporting me.

My referral link of splinterlands:

I want to say goodbye now.

I'm hoping that this post will get some nice view and I'll be trying to do better next time.

Stay safe & stay home for corona epidemic.



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