A sweet lil hug

in Sketchbook2 years ago

Another commission for a friend!
They wanted to have a couple piece and I don't do a lot of these so this was a nice little challenge for me.


My sketch was very rough as it always is. I often just move things around and scribble shapes until I kinda know where everything goes. On the left was just a lil thing for me to visualize the cheeks squishing against eachother. ;)

frost c.png

Then off to lineart! Here we really figure stuff out and decide on lines. I like doing clean and crisp lines, sometimes that get's a bit hard with hair strands. Lineart often takes me a loooong time.

frost a.png

Time for color! Getting all the markings right is always fun. It can be puzzling, depending on the reference and angle, here I had to improvise a bit with the left character but I think it turned out well.

frost b.png

And then some shading and highlight! Shading is still my favourite. I'm still learning how to best place the shadows, it's an ongoing process. But I'm far more confident in this than other skill sets.


Done! Another little picture finished!

If you are interested to watch, here is the speed drawing: