You are rad-ish - Process + Speed Drawing

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Another commission, this one included design elements again! I got a reference but had to draw a slightly different form for them.

I made two versions because one of them was supposed to have insect-like eyes.

The sketch was pretty rough as always! I was mostly focused on figuring out how much neck fluff I wanted and if the leaves were growing from below them or were coming out of the fur.

Lineart worked out pretty well today, my hand felt steady enough and I didn't have to correct a lot of them. I was playing around with the eye and head sizes for a bit though.
Flat color! I like these colors, they are muted and earty while still popping due to their contrast.

And then of course shading. I'm getting better at shading fur but I can never quite settle on one shading style for it. I kinda just go with the flow and look how much detail in the fuir suits the character. HIghlight, colored lineart, done! I'm happy with the result.

If you want to see my whole drawing process, take a look at this Speed Drawing:


Nice @shinpurple! I've missed your posts on actifit so I thought I'd go looking for you. Take care!

Oh that's sweet of you, thanks!
I'm currently resting bc of my covid booster and slight fever

Ahhh; I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but this too shall pass and soon I hope. Take care my friend and don't over do too soon. That might not be good.

I'm going on a hike tomorrow on some trails that are going to be new to me. They still require hiking to the end of our road and going up from there. I love to capture mushrooms in pictures, so that's what I'm going to look for.

Take care my friend and have a good weekend!