The human figure with long coat (oil on paper)

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An happy Sunday to you all!
I had a couple of busy days, but today it's a sunny day here and so I'm enjoying my free time under the Sun in my backyard reading an interesting book while my furry friend Richy is sleeping on his comfortable bed in a corner. Today is also a special day for us, because it's the birthday of my hubby @paolobeneforti and so later we will go outside to spend the afternoon in a shopping center close to my city. It's an unusual "activity" for us, because we use to go to this (large) shopping center just very few time, but we decided to celebrate this day doing something different from our daily life (and to buy something new to dress, eating some junk food, watching the things inside different shops and buyng some tools too). ^_^
This morning I woke up soon like I use to do every day and, after the first cup of coffee of the day, I started to work on a new artwork. In the following pics, you can see the final result:



As you can see, the subject one of my usual human figure with no hair and a long long blue coat.
It's an oil painting on 200 gsm paper in A4 size and, like I use to do, I took some pics while I was painted her so you can see the process too:




Soon I'll add this new artwork to my Artfinder shop (link at the bottom)!

I hope you like it!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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Buon compleanno!

Grazie mille da Paolo!!! ^_^

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Happy birthday to your husband and I wish him more beautiful days on earth

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