The little houses (acrylic on paper)

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An happy Tuesday to you all!
It's a sunny warm day here and everything looks so brilliant around. Even if is just February, there are the first blossom on the branches of the trees in the gardens close to mine and my furry friend Richy is sleeping under the sun in a corner of my backyard. ^_^

This morning I woke up soon to continue to exercise my hands with the acrylic colors the first (and quiet) hours of the day and this time I decided to see how my usual tiny houses could work with that medium. In the following pics, you can see the final result of 2 little houses, one on 200 gsm paper, the other one on a box I made by myself using scraps of cardboard box:

DSCN7861 (2).JPG


I'm really intrigued by the effect I can have with acrylics for the background and I can see more brilliant colors on the "plants" I added on the blue background.
Just to know, at now I have just few acrylic colors in my lab and so I'm using just them, even if my usual palette of colors (when I work with oil colors) is so different. For example, I don't have the white acrylic color and so I added just few touches of it using a tube of oil color.
I took some pics while I was painted one of the houses so you can see the process too:





I hope you like it!
See ya soon and stay safe,

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Beautiful drawing, it looks nice. Well done.

Thanks so much ^_^

I really love the drawing
It looks nice

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This painting is very nice to look at and also looks very cute which has been made on wedding paper in which a lot of attention has been paid to detailing.