Honestly, I'm shocked... (a speedpaint and some tracing practice)

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I'm shocked.

5.16.20 honestly, im shocked 2.png

Hi friends, it's been a few days and I got busy with some other things, but I haven't stopped @sketching. To be honest, I am somewhat shocked I am getting a post done. I included some practice I did sketching over a photograph below, that was pretty fun and seems to help me grasp perspective more by just mimicking what is there. To be fair I haven't had the most patience recently for sitting down and getting into small details as I did with Nebulous Nine. I bet it is just a phase and as long as I have fun and keep @sketching more things are bound to come out when I give myself enough room to breathe.

On the "shocked by technology" speedpainting above, I worked as quick as possible instead of trying to be a perfectionist. It probably took about 20 to 30 minutes. I experimented with a lot of brushes I haven't used before and kept experimenting with layering. I actually had a lot of fun creating that. The one below where I traced was fun for a while but then became tedious, and I somewhat abandoned finishing it. Still, I thought I would share it with all of you. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great day guys!

All the images are my own original work made for HIVE...
May 16, 2020

Keep on @sketching!

5.14.20 tracing practice 2.png

Tracing scribble practice with no original photo added

5.14.20 tracing practice NO PHOTO 1.png

"Honestly, I'm shocked..." grey version with no background gradient

5.16.20 honestly GREY 1.png


Awesome.... you should do some video screen capture videos of process and share on Tiktok.... I’m getting lots of views, comments, and people curious about Hive.blog our there.....

Yes. Shocking!! A daily routine of short sketches should prove to be more effective training than detailed complete drawings.

I definitely think so too.

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