Lunar Shroud — single figure practice

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5.24.20 womansketch.png

Hey everyone! I am @sketching, and today I worked on this single figure looking off to the left. I have been getting in the habit of making tons of layers which gives a lot of flexibility for editing, even if it can get somewhat confusing. I haven't used too many blending modes, but in this one I did use a Color Burn effect for the hair tendrils which creates an ethereal sort of effect. I also ended up using Burn on the background gradients, ending up with this very dark background that I think suits the piece fairly well.

I'm still most comfortable using mainly the smooth airbrush tool and a thin pencil or brush for the sketch parts. In this one I actually went in and cleaned up the sketch quite a lot and did an iterative sketch, so I hardly have anything left to show underneath, lol. I guess I should save that if I want to show it in the post. Anywho, that's about it for now! Thanks for visiting my blog.

"bare bones" with hair detail before applying color burn and drawing in hair gradient

5.24.20 womansketch base.png

This is my original work made in Krita
for the Sketchbook community on Hive

by @sketching
May 24, 2020

Zoomed-in version

5.24.20 womansketch 1.png


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Thank you for that @foreveraverage =)) Appreciate your visit...

You're welcome :)

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Hi @sketching. I'm glad to see you sketching and sharing with Hive. It's interesting how you turned a face into the moon with some editing.

I like editing with Krita but when I use my drawing pad pen it lags on Krita more than other programs. It's not fun when it starts lagging and my pictures look abstract when they should not be.

Currently I use the preset windows paint program. This way my brush is free and in control. The problem is there are no layers in the paint program so this gets frustrating too. My resolve is to keep drawing where my pen is strongest as long as I am drawing something.