'The Ektonator' ... practicing using many layers and drawing ellipses

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The Ektonator

layer practice and ellipse scribbling

5.12.20 theektonator 1.png

Hi everyone, I am @sketching. Today I wanted to practice using tons of layers and different kinds of brushes on this quite jankity sketch here. He looked a like pretty ghastly dude so I named him The Ektonator. This drawing started out as just a practice for scribbling ellipses in different proportions and from different directions. I'm not going to show all the steps today because there are about 25 layers and it would take a long time to explain.

However, I exported some variations of the painting with some layers removed... all of the below are "stripped" versions where you can see some of the background textures a little better. Basically, there are 5 layers of different colored ellipses, a couple of layers for the chaotic looking green and blue paint streaks in the background, a couple layers for a vignette and the white scribbled lines around the right side, and then tons of layers for the actual Ektonator.

This was fun, but made me remember why I am mainly sticking to drawing only faces or busts, since there are so many variables trying to do a whole torso. I will probably go back to drawing a bunch of faces tomorrow and see if I can study the proportions of the skull. Anyway, thank you for looking at and supporting my work!

Some "stripped" versions

with layers removed

5.12.20 theektonator stripped 4.png

5.12.20 theektonator stripped 2.png

5.12.20 theektonator stripped 3.png

5.12.20 theektonator stripped 1.png

5.12.20 theektonator stripped 5 1.png

This is my original @sketching for Hive
made on May 12, 2020...
I appreciate your visit! Keep drawing...

5.12.20 theektonator 1.png


Somehow the Ektonator puts on a ghostly figure when the body and hands are added. It's important to have fun with drawing. That's the main reason I draw. I am at a rudimentary level. But I find improvement when I repeat the same basic step but with increased confidence.

scriber...😄 I think you are scribing while sleeping too...😅

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