[ESP -ENG] "El Churro" ha llegado - "El Churro" has arrived

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Hola Hivers!

Espero que todos pasaran un excelente fin de semana, hoy traigo una ilustración que realize a petición de mi esposo @Bkaze, todo inicio una tarde jugando con nuestro hijo, y salio el tema de los churros, comenzamos a decirle "El Churro" a nuestro hijo, a lo cual él siempre se reía, desde ese entonces, le decimos "El Churro" de cariño, le creamos una especie de héroe, y mi esposo me comento si podía dibujarlo usando un traje de churro y ayer me enfoque en terminarlo, espero les guste.

Hey Hivers!
I hope everyone had an excellent weekend, today I bring an illustration that I made at the request of my husband @Bkaze, it all started one afternoon playing with our son, and the topic of churros came up, we began to say "El Churro" to our son, to which he always laughed, since then, we called him "El Churro" affectionately, we created a kind of hero for him, so my husband told me if I could draw him wearing a churro suit and yesterday I focused on finishing it, I hope you like it.

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El Churro

Me gusto mucho hacer esta ilustración de mi pequeño bebe, ademas de ser la primera vez que hago algo así, puede que para futuro me proponga hacer pequeños cómics de él, quien sabe, espero que les guste, hasta la próxima.

I really liked doing this illustration of my little baby, besides being the first time I do something like this, maybe for the future I will propose to make small comics of him, who knows, I hope you like it, until next time.

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Gracias por leer - Thanks for reading!

Todos mis trabajos digitales son realizados usando la aplicación Ibis Paint X de Android, y son realizados completamente desde cero.

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Hasta la próxima!

All of my digital drawings are drawn on the Android Application Ibis Paint X, and are done completely from scratch.
If you like you can also follow me on my social media Instagram where i publish all my finished drawings aswell.
Until the next time!


I like the way you rendered the hair. So shiny.

Thanks ☺️

You're welcome to post on ArtBees, it's another art community on Hive as well. :>

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