🐠 Fish in the pond 🐠

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Hey there 🙃

Today has a cold weather in here. So I thought painting a art. I like so much pretty fish. I have many fish in my pond. When I want relax my mind I am going to near my pretty pond and looking at fish. I love these pretty animals .They like a medicine to my mind. I am looking them so kindly and feeding them eeveryday . Two weeks ago I saw new little fish in my pond. Mother fish had born to little fish.when I saw it i was over the moon. So , I honestly belive that you like pretty fish so much.

Here is my painting guys 🐬




Seee yaaa my ffriends❤️❤️❤️


Your usage of bright colors makes this a very happy little painting. Keep up the work and the smiles!

Thank you friend🥰 I am sohappy about your words😍

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Hello, very relaxing, thank you for sharing this beautiful painting. I like the goldfish. Greetings from @kork75

@kork75 I am so happy about your comment .🥰 yep ! I like goldfish too