I am learning to draw daisies

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Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well!!
This time at the drawing master class we drew daisies in the grass.

I am not a very big fan of drawing flowers, but still I decided to learn this too. First we painted the background and the grass.

Then we marked where we would have daisies and drew yellow dots there - the center of daisies.

.Now we move on to drawing the flowers themselves. We make brush strokes from the core of the flower to the outside.

It was fun! 😀

Then we added some strawberries. This really brought the colors to life.

In the end, I got it!

I tried very hard to draw shadows on the daisy petals so that they do not look flat. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. But the left side of the drawing remains a little monotonous, so my husband suggested adding more flowers there. Now I think about it. ☺
(all photos are taken by me)

Take care of yourself and be healthy!


Your painting is so realistic and lovely. I liked the painting. Good work.

I'm very pleased! Thanks!

Ahhh mention not my friend. Keep showing your good works and keep practicing.

really good painting!

thank you very much!

wow this painting is so beautiful. The coloring made it look a lot realistic. @tipu curate

many thanks! I tried to draw to make it look like daisies, but of course live daisies are much more beautiful 😀

You're welcome ☺️. Your Daisies also looks beautiful and so realistic. Keep it up, the good work I mean.

many thanks!!!!!

I love the result 🥰

thanks a lot!!!! 😀

Великолепно получилось. Я ромашки очень люблю, но таких пока не рисовала :-) И с клубникой они вышли просто здорово.

спасибочки, дорогая! я их рисую второй раз уже. первый раз муж сказал, что они получились плоские. поэтому в этот раз кучу времени потратила, пытаясь сделать тени и оттенки на лепестках. а землянички, да, очень оживили 😀