Jill Valentines - RE3 - Render

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Hello everyone in the community. Its been a while since my last post here. Today I want to share a render series for Jill Valentines, the main character of the Resident Evil 3 game.

I used blender for the setup and made some lighting to light the scene and made it dramatic.


Wireframe view:image.png

Rendered view:image.png

For the above render I am using a 50mm lens with f7 aperture. I want to get some of the background environment for the render.

The hardest part on this setup was the lighting position and the pose. I had to do all manually.

Closeup shoot of Jill:


This shoot I changed the lens to be 135mm and f1.8 thus the strong bokeh on the background.

I had to tweak the blender render setting to get the best result with the fastest render possible and it took me about 30 minutes to get it right. This was the best result that I can get as for now.

And that is all from me today. Until we meet again. Have a great day everyone.

p/s: the 3d model was from https://www.patreon.com/Rigid3d