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Hello everyone, this is the first manga illustration that I have had the pleasure of doing, although I have made faces in my attempts to portray people, it was difficult for me to draw the eyes of this beautiful and friendly character, I hope to continue practicing and even , to be able to see this manga.

Hola a todos, esta es la primera ilustración manga que he tenido el agrado de realizar, si bien he realizado rostros en mis intentos de retratar personas, me resultó difícil la dibujar los ojos de este bello y simpático personaje, espero poder seguir practicando e inclusive , poder ver este manga.

Process Shots | Imágenes del Proceso




Watercolor on paper

Viviana Villafañe

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I hope you like it, thanks. | Espero que les guste, gracias.



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oh it's Emma, i love the colors you used on her❣️

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