Sketching at the Kyoto Botanical Garden for the first time in 20 months / 1年8か月ぶりに京都府立植物園でスケッチ (ENG/JPN)

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Since the Corona disaster, many botanical gardens have been closed, and although I have been sketching at home or on the nearby riverbanks, I have been reluctant to go to the botanical gardens. However, with the season of autumn leaves coming, I felt like going there for the first time in a long time.

As usual, I wore a mask and took the bus and subway to get there. It was still early in the season for the leaves at the botanical garden as a whole, but some of the trees were turning red beautifully, so I thought it would be interesting to see the scenery with a mixture of red and green leaves, so I started painting.

I thought it would be interesting to see a mixture of red and green. Then I changed the location and painted the second one, which was good because I was able to get darker and more vivid colors from the leaves.

The park was also in full bloom with sasanqua and camellia flowers. So I decided to try a motif I hadn't painted yet, a small water mill in the park. The trees were easy to draw with the lines of their branches, but the waterwheel was difficult to draw because it was spinning and made of solid wood. But the waterwheel was difficult to draw because it was spinning and made of solid wood. In addition, I was in the shade, so it got colder and colder....... But I managed to finish the painting. This third sketch is my favorite of the day, with the Camellia sinensis growing on the right.

Today's sketches were all done in pencil and transparent watercolor on watercolor paper sketchbooks.
After three sketches, I had lunch and went home.






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