Drawing a plastic cup.

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Good morning to the entire art community.

Starting the day with the simulation of a plastic cup, which I put on a sheet with the background with blurred charcoal to later outline the glass, using a white liquid eraser to give the silhouette of the mouth of the glass.

With the 6B pencil, make the silhouette of the glass, accentuating more the pencil in the shaded parts and highlight the light reflections with the liquid eraser.

I had to erase in some lines that I was drawing to give symmetry to the sketch since I did it by free hand.

Next to the glass, draw some lemons as a decoration to the sketch trying as much as possible that all the elements that you capture look a bit realistic,

Procedure. . .






I hope you like my illustrated content.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my post.

See you soon.


Wow, great work.