Drawing Goku

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Good evening friends of this community.

Today drawing main character anime manga Dragon Ball, of the Saiyajin race. At the beginning of the story he appears in childhood, who practiced martial arts.

To make the sketch use the pencil H, HB, 7B sky blue color to simulate the sky. Beginning to delineate the face where I erased to correct its proportionality.

Procedure. . .






Goku is an alien of the Saiyajin race who was sent to earth since the evil Frieza destroyed his planet, only he could save.

I hope you like this interesting content.

Thank you for your valuable support.

See you soon and many blessings.


Good job!

Saludos, muchas gracias.

This is quite nostalgic... nice Goku fanart! ^^

Saludos, mis hijos son fanáticos a esta serie, ya bien adultos y aún les gusta verla.

Hahaha... I can totally understand them. I'm 30 and still enjoy watching anime. <3