The supersonic (drawing)

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Good evening friends of this art community.

Today with a drawing of the supersonic, an animated series, which was produced in 1962 comparing it with a vision towards the future.

The animated characters are already in the year 2062 living in houses raised in the air with strong bases and the transport is airships.

In this series the technology is already very advanced with very sophisticated populations adapting them to a future that we currently have some of them, such as computers, domestic robots or others at this time.

Procedure. . .







Jetsons was created by Hanna and Barbera. The original title of this series is (The Jetsons).

To outline the sketch of the jetsons, use the pencils H and 6B, a circular object to shape the ship, an eraser and the color blue to highlight the space and the robot that simulates metal.

I hope you like this illustrated content.

Thank you for your valuable support.

see you soon and many blessings.