A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way When Creating Something New!

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This is Weekend Zero CWH-DreemPort-Folio 2 header.png

Get Ready for Enjoyable Creative Work!

Saturday, February 3 in the Creative Work Hour Discord we are leading a 1 1/2 hour orientation workshop to bring the crew of CWH together with the crew of Dreemport.com. Not just these lucky few, this workshop is free and open to the whole community, followed by a three-week content creation challenge.

Using design thinking, we will each produce one portfolio-quality post as creative as you please! We'll post a version of the work once every Thursday, taking our idea from a wireframe minimal viable post, the MVP (submission,week 1) to a version with all the elements rather slapped together (submission, week 2) to the polished version, the one we post and pin to our profiles proudly. This is a portfolio, a Dreem Portfolio 😉example of our work.

Here are a few tips to get ready to enjoy leveling up your content creation game.

  1. Revive a mini-meditation practice. Give it three-five minutes when you sit down, before you begin creative work.

  2. Get plenty of sleep. If naps work for you, then set aside 25 or 45 minutes for a break from the creating. The brain works miracles when it’s given time to recover and when it receives plenty of kindness and compassion.

  3. Allow for digital work and device-free work. Designate a very minimal writing app for this project. I recently found the one called Minimal which I have on desktop, laptop, ipad and iphone. Find your favorite pen & paper, notebook or journal and dedicate them to this project.

  4. Own this! You are a designer. You design things and bring them into existence. You dreem things up and they manifest in a universe. That makes you a creator. A world builder. A god!

These three weeks are for you to enjoy, we are here to share with you the the creative place where muses play.

We are Creative Work Hour. Much love!!💝


Thanks for the heads up...this calls for unleashing our creative minds.. thinking deeper and deeper for that polished pin post 📌 lolz

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 2 months ago  

Thank you 🙏 so much for coming to the orientation today. Always good to see you, Nkem🥰

The pleasure is mine 🤗

These warm-up sessions are greatly appreciated. It helps bring one back to the center. Thank you.

 2 months ago  

Thankie for the kind reblog, @caleb-marvel! We're already having fun!