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Itโ€™s actually about reading books with babies and toddlers.

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Reading with babies and toddlers seems quite challenging to parents nowadays. The busy and monotonous life of parents detached them from books. It is so justifiable with their busy life schedules. But it has made a great negative impact on the children. Hence the tips what we follow as parents will help you immensely for a happy reading with your babies and toddlers.

The initial and the best technique for sharing books with your baby is to create fun together. If your baby is engaged and rejoicing themselves, they are learning. Initially, this positive impact will nurture a lifelong love of books.

Spending few minutes with a book is okkk. Donโ€™t get worried thinking that story did not finish. As they grow, they will be able to concentrate longer.

01)Can grab their attention by showing cover page. Cover pages of baby books are really attractive to pick up their eyes. Parents can explain the title of the book to the child. It generates the desire and awareness for happy reading.

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02)Next tip is to talk about the pictures. You donโ€™t need to read each and every word of the book. You can create your own story using its pictures. This will develop and evoke the childโ€™s imaginary mind. If your child is old enough to describe images, that is also convenient.

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03)Let children to turn the pages. Babies cannot turn pages on their own, but if your child is mature enough to do it, you need to encourage them to do so. But, remember that it is ok to skip pages.

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04)You can make the story more alive by raising voice to its characters. Meanwhile, if you use body gestures, it will be more successful.

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05)Run your finger with the words while you read the story. It will help to grab their attention for the book.

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06)While reading with them ask questions regarding the current incident of the story. Also needs to let children ask questions too. Make them to guess what will be happened next. It spontaneously improves their creative thinking and triggers your childโ€™s imagination.

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Simply, you need to make books, as a special part of their daily routine. Above tips are a guide for you to create a book lover in your childโ€™s soul.

Hope that they will help you immensely to accomplish that goal.

Stay tuned with me and planning to share more about this topic with you from my upcoming write-ups.

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Hey there!
Very nice suggestions you give here, I see them useful how to get your small ones to love books. I think other parents would love to see it also, maybe you don't know but there is a community Motherhood where you could get more readers and interaction with other parents. I would give it a try ;)
Also, if you are a book lover, the community Hive Book Club can be interesting for you.
Nice to meet you through this post @a-lass-wonders :)