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RE: Counting crypto pennies

in OCD2 years ago

Not sure why, but my base value of STEEM is always a dollar. I think that's helped through this long period as earning 20/30 STEEM a post - 20/30$ for an hours work seems fair.

Ready for SPUD?


It is an easy metric due to familiarity. I go with 10 dollars because I am an optimist ;D

Not ready at all, but I will put something in. Last SPUD I blew my load :D

10 is nice also :)

I've just stocked up again and think i'll use the 1st of the month as a cue moving forward - save me putting my shopping money in.

Yeah, I have a little in my wallet that I can add for the 1st, but it isn't going to take me to 100k :D

I will see you in the bean and tuna aisle.

That's my lunch for tomorrow!