Very good blog and i hope you will give full time for the promotion of hive , and the united efforts will grow up the hive. Great blog.

Thank you. I'm excited tonsuddenly see many people become excited in Hive governance. I hope it stays this way, the more the merrier.

Nice post!! This will be an interesting experiment for sure

Have some Bro, my friend.


Thanks bro!

Interesting for sure. Inreally hope successful, too!

I support 100% - and I am also worried that important procedures are held secretly and without discussion with the community. We are in power here, but someone again forgot about it and is trying to play their games.

Well atleast they burned something ~transparency

I 100% agree. While Justin was the worst of the two evils, the witnesses weren't much better. Hell, even after the patriotic voting starting, I'll bet they didn't even get a 1/3 of the popular vote.

A Representative Republic is not Decentralized and to claim anything other than that is an outright lie.

So, no one can say they did the will of the community. Now only the developers control a huge amount of money with control over releasing it.

We need better transparency and community forum to decide our path going forward especially funding.

Your article is well laid out and extremely detailed. It would be nice if the current 'leaders' would communicate even half as well as you did here.

Yup they keep using the wordd decentralize and community - er welcome to the Democratic People's Republic of Steem, not to be confused with the Former Socialist Republic of Steem.

Some of the leaders here aren't policy makers and have no experience in neogitiation. Many know computer stuff well, some know investing and crypto well. Maybe theybeven knowncustomer service and online community management. But Steem is not a service, nor is it just an online community.

I don't even think what happened here is that bad. But now that we are safe and spund, I want to keep it this way. Debate is the sign of a healthy government.

Doesn't GitHub, where all these beautiful toys are placed, belongs to Microsoft?

Yup, it looks like GitHub is owned by microsoft. I doubt they own any rights to the code, but Bill Gates could go all ned-like or Justin Sun on us.

I really have to work to understand everything you say. But I still feel very identified with your proposal.

Thank you. I did go off on a tangent with the dao and development. Care free wishes and mindless complacency are not for me.

Many good questions and much better proposals! I think few people know the problematic steem remains. The dialog needs to continue! Great and corageous post!!

Thank you. It is reserved for development. But that is a murky word. Sure we can always burn it, but expecting that to happen is like expecting politicans to do the right thing. They put the ball in their court.

People need to know the facts and figures. Fortunately this is all publically avaliable.

The witnesses should be responding here and not bashing the steemchiller witness node project in steem.

Actually, I got a great response from one witness:

He is definitely above average if you listened to any of those negotiations. The problem is there are a lot more people we can trust a lot less...especially the ones still focused on trolling Justin Sun and Steem.

Inspiring to read!
Hive is all I need to thrive!

Thats a catchy line.
May I also suggest

Strive for the best Hive!

esto es buena informacion saludos

Thank you. I'm glad to have an oppertunity to share my opinions and information. 🤗