Night - Devotional Night

in OCD2 years ago


Hello everyone, are you happy today?
I want to share a little reflection of the night, so that your day can be far more energetic than the days before it.


The night before going to sleep is usually a moment to remember everything we have done throughout the day. Good when you are in school, while working, or a series of other activities. The atmosphere of a quiet and dark night can make us for a moment to do self-introspection or contemplation.


When reflecting at night, we are encouraged to mumble positive words. Especially words that can provide encouragement or motivation in life. This is very important, because the mood and mind before someone sleeps will have a big influence tomorrow when he wakes up.

The night feels longer than the afternoon if you have long dreams. But daylight lasts longer for people who realize their dreams.

Night teaches that light will come after dark approaches the soul.


the above contemplations should be contemplated during the lonely and dark nights between the stars in the sky, so that you can understand their real meanings.
Hopefully your days can be useful


Best regard from me @ akhyar23