INTRODUCTION - A little about Myself. Meet me!

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Good day everyone!
Hope you're doing great? Today I want to tell you a little about myself. I will be glad to share my little biography with you. I will also be glad to know more about you! So, if you're interested in knowing little about me, this article is just for you. I greet one of the top leaders of this great platform and community at large especially to my bosses @appreciator and @ocdb for the great efforts and works they put in organizing this platform and making sure that everything moves fine. Well done!!

About Myself

I'm Ike Ifeanyi and I'm a content writer, graphic designer, and web developer living in Nigeria.

I was born into the church, but have been learning about Jesus Christ since I was a little boy. My mom is an amazing woman who has been instrumental in my personal development. She is also the one who first introduced me to Christ. My dad is a teacher as well, so he has always been involved in our family's spiritual growth.


Growing up in Nigeria has been great because it has allowed me to experience different cultures and ways of life. This has helped me become more empathetic towards other people's situations, which is very important in my line of work as a web developer because we work with clients from all over the world!


I am a very hardworking person with good communication skills who loves to learn new things everyday. My motto in life is "Train up a child in the way he should grow, and when he is old he will not depart from it." I believe that knowledge should be shared with everyone and I always do my best to help others learn new things.


I am currently a web developer who works with small businesses to help them improve their online presence. I enjoy my job because I get to meet new people and work on projects that are important to them. It's also very rewarding when they succeed!



The above is just the little about me. I hope you've known me well today and I will be glad to know you too. Meanwhile, I'm available for any work - book me today!

I am @anyiglobal