Rabona: Yep, I am digging it

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Rabona: The Football Manager

Recently I have started playing Rabona. It is a blockchain based Football (Soccer) Manager, where you build and train a team for your imaginary club. Personally I am not a big fan of soccer, but the good doctor @simplifylife got me hooked. A life long soccer fan, doc's passion for the game is captivating to me. Personally I was more attracted towards the 'moneyball' aspect of the game. For those you haven't read the book or seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

For those who do not know what Rabona is; here is the definition :)

the rabona is a method of kicking the football whereby the kicking leg is wrapped around the back of the standing leg–effectively with one's legs crossed.



So far, I am mildly interested to the game. I must warn you, that there is no gameplay at this point. It is a manager, where you build and submit your team to a roaster against a set of opponents. The league I am in, there are ~3 games per day, 30 in the season. Each season is 7 days. I am still fairly new to this, so my understanding is limited. There is a discord channel, and there is a 'work in progress' help file linked in their discord channel, which I highly recommend joining and looking into.



Cost, Fun, Return

Okay, so this is not a free to play game. It costs $10 to join, which gives you a basic 11 players. But fairly quickly you understand that you must purchase at least a few good players from the market to be competitative. The currency of the game is RBN. 1M RBN = $10. Higher purchase gives you some additional discount. There is currently no market for RBN, but I have been told that there will be. I think I have already spend $50 plus on the game, mainly to upgrade my stadium, purchase players and training them. You do not have to do all that but if you go your performance will be better.


Above is my team Disaster. Because I thought I am getting into another time sink. It will be a total disaster! But hey! Something to keep me occupied on the Election Day in the United States! I won my first 3 games. Thanks to a lot of tips from the good doctor! So far I am excited to create a good team and winning my first 3 games. I am learning my way around it. Fairly excited to be a part of the new hive based game. I am willing to sink some hive into it! Why not?

Fun? YES.

Return? No idea yet. There is some RBN I am earning. I think it will take me a while to be cashflow positive. More on that later!


Cool! I have actually been playing Pro-Evolution Soccer and posted here in Hive blockchain. This is new to me and thanks for sharing this. We might bump into each other soon.

Sure! That sounds good!

Welcome, Dada finally you're playing! I told you that the doctor is a great influencer, but I love the way he influences us. Dada, you have a great team, I am sure your team will win the title destroying others team. Dada, Best of luck!

Cheers! Doc know how to twist arms!

Exploiter :)

Hehehehe! Welcome to the jungle field dada! :D

I think it will take me a while to be cashflow positive.

Yes, it will take a while. As you move up leagues, fans increase and you start to get more from merchandise and ticket sales by slowly increasing the price. Glad to see you are having Fun!

We have to invest for win 👍

Very good information. By the way, Rabona is already a new game and we all players are just getting started. As time goes on, rabona will come to better places.

I'm only a football fan every 4 years and I'm spending time daily on this #rabona. 😎

Same to you bro

I love how Rabona works. You will get addicted to it as you're playing and winning but don't give up when you're losing at times.