Photography ~ Sunset Enchantment

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Hello hivean friends, In this world there are many things to enjoy, especially about nature. Something beautiful can indeed be created through natural or artificial processes from living things in nature. Now there are 7 wonders of the world in all parts of the world. There are miracles that are created by humans and some are created by nature itself. Of course all that requires a long process. But some people on this earth don't just see that there are only 7 wonders of the world in this world. Sometimes natural processes can be something very beautiful and amazing beyond the 7 wonders that exist in this world. one example that I think is something beautiful and enchanting to watch is the sunset. Sunset is a natural process whereby the sun sets to the west after rising from the east. With its beautiful orange color, this phenomenon is enjoyed and desired by many people around the world who have always wanted to see its beauty. The most comfortable and interesting place to visit to watch the sunset is the beach. The beach is a great place if you want to see the sun set. The color of the sun reflected in the sea water makes the eyes satisfied and spoiled. With the busy life that is being lived, with the hustle and bustle of city life, seeing the sunset is a very effective solution to relieve stress about the life that is being lived. I think something beautiful and satisfying makes me be reborn with a new mind and brain. Therefore, sunset for me is one of the wonders of the world that nature produces for humans. Watching the sun and the sun also takes a great time. Because we can only watch the sun set at certain times and only a few moments. Choosing the right place also affects the shape and beauty of the sunset which we will see later. Sunset for some people is not only a phenomenon that spoils the eye, but can be used as an object for the resulting photography. Maybe if someone cannot watch the sunset directly, the beauty of the sunset can also be seen through the photos produced by photographers who have this ability. Here I took part in a contest held by photographer @uwelang with great photos related to the sunset. A good sunset result certainly requires skill and a good collection at the right time so that the results can be as perfect as others expect.


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