Can we get the Hive Logo added to Font Awesome? I think so

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Hello Everyone,

I was about to propose adding the Hive Logo to font-awesome, when I discovered that somebody had already done it for us! If we can get it to the top of the leaderboard, there's a good chance that It'll be added to font-awesome, which will make it easier for developers to include a Hive Icon in their sites, hopefully bringing more eyes to us and making it easier to link to hive based sites.

How do we get it added?

Well, there's a leaderboard here which we haven't even entered yet, as there is not enough interest in the issue.

But I know this community has the power to get it done!

All you have to do to help, is go to this issue on GitHub by @guiltyparties, and upvote (thumbs up) and leave a comment saying about why you'd want this icon added, so as to boost us up the rankings and give us a fighting chance of being added in the near future!

~ CA


It's already in the works & paid for. (still missing some HBD tho')

AFAIK, they're not doing community proposals anymore or they take too long.

Oh, that's cool. How much short are you and is the proposal still alive? (PeakD isn't showing it to me... but maybe they just don't like me 😂)

That means it's finished paying out. @blocktrades received the payments since he paid the 3k USD as well, however, I'm not sure how much is still missing. I think we'll deal with it, once the logo is done.

Awesome. Thank you for your hard work!

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