Another Hive-Powered Water Project Has Been Successfully Launched In Ghana

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The Hive Borehole Project has been launched successfully in Agona-Bedomase Ghana. This is the second project that the Hive ecosystem has made it possible for us to have in Ghana. This initiative that is funded by @valueplan is making it possible for people to see the real life application of the Hive blockchain.Today's event was witnessed by many of the residents of the Agona town and notable among them was the chief of Agona, the elders and the assemblyman who came to grace the occasion.


The programmed commenced with an opening prayer and this was followed by a short address by the assemblyman stating the purpose for the gathering.


A Talk About Hive
Following the Assemblyman's address was a talk about Hive and with the honour giving me by colleagues I gave a brief talk about the Hive blockchain and the ecosystem. Everyone who was present needed to know about how Hive is empowering communities, projects and changing lives.We have many use cases of the the Hive blockchain and today we witnessed a real life use or application of Hive.


It wasn't difficult to explain how Hive could change people's lives at this point because a good example was right in front of them while I was giving the presentation. People are beginning to learn about Hive and are becoming increasingly interested in the possibilities it offers. We also had to make them aware of the importance of ensuring that the facility is well-used, managed and maintained in order to ensure its long-term sustainability.

The Official Launch
The moment came to officially launched the project. The chief, along with some town elders, honored the cutting of the ribbon to officially make the water available for community use.

It was an amazing sight when the taps were opened for everyone to either taste or fetch some for their use. Previously, inhabitants had to rely on a river and borehole, which required them to trek a longer distance before getting access to water.


The Hive Water system is conveniently located in the town where the majority of residents may access it at any time. They have every reason to celebrate and rejoice because Hive has provided a solution to their problem.

Some of the beautiful moments captured with our cameras













Hive Marketing
This is the Hive ecosystem's second initiative in Ghana that has been supervised by @mcsamm and @collinz, and with the impact Hive is making, it's critical that others become aware of and learn about it. This is why we chose to promote Hive both online and offline. This will aid in the spread of Hive's gospel throughout Ghana and around the world. Today, we delivered Hive-branded exercise books and Hive stickers to all individuals who were present in order to spread the word about Hive.





Today's event was also captured in photos and videos, which will be published on various news networks to help Hive get further visibility. We now have instances of what Hive can do in the lives of many people, and it's important that we keep talking about it.

We have inspiring story to tell about how Hive is empowering communities and impacting lives . What we witnessed today was stunning, thanks to @valueplan for funding this project and thanks to @guiltyparties for his guidance and assistance.I would also like to thank @anaman and @awuahbenjamin, our fellow Hivers who came out today to show their support. A big thank you to @theycallmedan, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @adetorrent, @newsflash @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @daveks, @challengedac, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @lichtblick. We are grateful to all the wonderful supports we have received from you. We also appreciate all those who have supported us with votes, reblogs and gifts. Thank you


This is commendable, can't wait to start similar project in rural communities in Nigeria. You've done a great job. Good water is very essential for human survivor

Thank you, @polaleye50. It will be wonderful to see some of this initiative reach out to many nations in Africa and other nations experiencing a water crisis.

This is great news. Hive is changing lives.

We are now making real world impacts. The key is to keep it going. Hopefully you have sites on your next project.

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Indeed, Hive is changing lives; everyone can see that this isn't just a saying; we have a real-life example to show the world. We can have more of them with the help of the Hive ecosystem. Thank you sir @taskmaster4450 for sharing on Twitter; we need to keep it going in that direction since the public needs to know about this fantastic news.

We are really excited about the opportunities that this borehole has provided for us here in Ghana. Just that we have had several inquiries from other chiefs and towns requesting that the hive provide them with drinkable water as well. We look forward to working with you and others to raise funds to benefit all of Ghana's communities. Thank you for your help @taskmaster4450le.

This brought tears to my eyes. Amazing! How can one get involved in these projects?

It was heartwarming to watch everyone taking a sip when the tap was turned on. We were touched, our joy was in being able to provide this town with potable water. They had every cause to be happy and grin; their biggest problem has been solved. We aim to have more, and anyone can get involve by supporting us with funds, also any assistance in any form will be appreciated. Thank for your interest in this worthy cause and taking delight in the work we(@mcsamm and I) are doing for the Hive ecosystem.

Congratulations to @collinz and everyone else involved in bringing this project to reality. What caught my attention was seeing HIVE.IO at the water tanks, where they could be seen from at least 1 km away, maybe more.

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@magnacarta, thank you. Another lovely feature displaying HIVE.IO is the plaque, which I believe will be visible for future generations to know about Hive's impact on the community.

We decided to promote Hive both offline and online, so we used Hive stickers and books during the launch, theybwere given out to everyone who was present to help spread a word about Hive. We're now working on online promotions, utilizing a various oll news outlets to help publicize this amazing news.

Offline is just as important for promotion and marketing as online, especially for a project people can actually see and use. Not just merchandise and swag but the water tanks and the memorial plaques. They all serve as conversation starters, and Hivers there can take it from there.

This is great news, I know how important water is in the community. We experienced this difficulty as expatriates while living in Lagos, Nigeria. The water had to be delivered in our flat via a truck , we could not drink it. So this project is super and Hive has helped this community.

Thank you @mers. You must have had a terrible experience with water issue in Lagos, and those of us who have experienced water crisis will appreciate the need to have more of this Hive powered water projects. Water covers around 71 percent of the Earth's surface, and while it is something we have in abundance, it can also be a rare resource in many parts of the world. I believe that by implementing Hive-powered water initiatives, we will be able to reach out to more people and make a significant difference in their lives.

Hi @collinz
Very noble projects that you and your Hive friends have initiated and carried out there.

Hopefully it will continue to grow and continue with future projects with increasing support from all members of the Hive community around the world.
May all of you be blessed

Thank you, sir; we hope that this project expands and reaches out to many individuals all around the world. We feel there is much more we can achieve with the power of Hive and the tremendous support of the Hive ecosystem.

Absolutely amazing 👏

it was a breathtaking scene when the water was used for the first time.

Hive is making real impact in people's lives. Amazing!

Indeed Amazing

It's gratifying to see how the Hive platform can improve the quality of life of many people around the world. Seeing the happy faces of these people when they obtain the precious liquid is exciting. It's very commendable the work you do to help your people. I encourage you to continue to make dreams like these come true. Hugs!

Thank you @alborhada for your encouragement; we greatly appreciate it.

very good project we hope to see many like this around the world #Hive as a growth platform for all of us

It will be very good to have Hive water projects around the world @ferod23

Water as they say is life and life is water. My people here in Nigeria said that the one who gives water is a giver of life.

You have given life to those who wants and needed it. What you and your team has done is indeed commendable and if we all should follow suite, this world would be a better place to live or to be.

I cannot just type this without saying thank you for what you have done.

Do you know that you have taught some people lesson? Do you know that you have showed so many Hivers ways to help people? Indeed, welldone once again.

Thank you for your kind words, which have provided me with a lot of motivation. We can all learn a lot from this project; we can only be happy if others are happy. (@mcsamm, @collinz, @awuahbenjamin and @anaman) collaborated on this, and I'm sure they all deserve credit for their hard work.

They indeed deserve credit as well. Welldone to you all...


This was such a wonderful project that helped so many people. I admire your dedication to all that you do. God Bless you always.

Thank you for the love dear @dswigle and Amen to the blessings 🙏

Wow I didnt know this was going on but what a great initiative and this is literally people creating something in the real world!

A phat reblog is more than well deserved for the initiative. keep it up!

Thanks for the motivation, this is the second one, and we aim to have more to help communities without access to potable water and to raise awareness about Hive.

The community is so amazing♥️ I can really see the cooperation and work as one 🧡

Yes, you are correct; there is a strong sense of togetherness in the community

Wow, this is amazing! Hive is a source of prosperity for people all around the world.

Yea, indeed amazing, Hive is making a difference in the lives of many

Congratulations on the completion of the project! This is the best kind of marketing we have as a blockchain. If you can start educating people with blockchain meetups connecting them with HIVE, LEO and #Play2Earn we could bring a great deal of value to the people who most need it.

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Thank you, we have more plans for meetups that is aim at connecting people with Hive

That is great to hear! Best of Luck with your projects! 😃

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What an inspirational project, you did it from code to community development.

Well done.

Well said from code to community development!

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@joetunex my pleasure, thanks.

Very important social work... I am glad that everyone is happy. I hope there will be many more projects like this one. Greetings and blessings.


We hope to see many more not only in Ghana but also in other countries where there is a water crisis. Thanks for the blessings, regards

Congratulations on this successful project. Hive, indeed changes lives.

Thank you

It is good to see the real-life implication of hive! It will definitely attract more people to the hive blockchain.

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Yea, this has the power of attracting many to Hive, let's share about the news

Woahh. This is truly amazing. Hive is indeed changing lives.
I am happy for the people whos lives has been changed by this awesome project.


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Hive has really impacted their lives

I'm so happy we've made it to this far. Thanks for your support buddy @collinz

It's been a pleasure working with you Sam, look forward to having more of these in future

This was an amazing event and a very good initiative. I'm glad I was able to make it. Lets keep it up

Thanks bro, It's always enjoyable to collaborate with you.”

How happy and proud I am to be able to observe these works for the good of the community.
These are the things that make you think that you are on the right path.
When I decided, a month ago, to join #Hive, I did it thinking about what possibilities there were to give learning to people, to serve them and offer solutions to health problems, since I am a doctor; however, this publication has made me understand that there are many other ways to help communities through our social network and this content creation platform.
I am extremely proud and I send you many greetings from Venezuela.

I'm glad that this work we've done here has been an inspiration to many who would want to do more for the Hive ecosystem. It was so good of you that you joined the revolution. Hive is the place of many possibilities. Let's keep promoting it. Regards!

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Great! Love seeing things moving forward!

We hope to keep it going, impacting lives with Hive

This is beautiful, great to see Hive touching lives out there. Would be nice to see the likes of Cointelegraph covering this.

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God will bless your more as your keep helping life of many community

Amen🙏 and thank you

This is massive.

Dude! This is one cool job you've done here. Happy to see crypto funds get used to help real people with real issues. I think these charities could be done even more if we had crowdfunding Dapp with Hive :)

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Thanks, we believe in Hive, more can be achieved with the power of Hive 😊

LIFE changing events happening! Damn, glad to be a part of HIVE. More to come!

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Yea, we hope to see more of this project that is impacting lives

When I see Hive changing lives it makes me very happy. I wish you many more successes like this one.😉

Thanks for your best wishes😊

Well done - what a great project. Plus it looked like you had a very successful launch celebration !

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Thank you, yes, we had a Successful launch ceremony 😊

Every person on this world deserves drinkable water, thank you for all the work.

my pleasure

Giving back to the society. This is so lovely and thoughtful. God bless Hive

God bless Hive

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Congrats! amazing work
You make and admirable work there!
I send for You and for You Town Community all my Best wishes. Blessings and grettings from Venezuela southamerica 🙏

Regards, and thank you for the warmest wishes and for stopping by.


Hi, thats so great and I am glad to be part of an ecosystem empowering people to help others!
May I ask what have been the costs for this water project?

Oh wow! This is so inspiring! Salute to everyone who made this happen and of course, I am always thankful to have the Hive community. Keep going! ✨

Thank you

This is wonderful, congratulations and keep up with this marvel job!


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Thank you

such a beautiful event!👌

Thank you

Wow this is amazingly good news! NOTHING is more vital than running fresh water. Hive is such an amazing platform. I am proud to be a part of it. Yes yes yes, a truly inspirational achievement.