Updates: Hive Water Project Phase 2 Commenced Today, Work is Progressing

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We can accomplish a great deal of work and make impacts with the power of Hive, as evidenced by the numerous inspiring stories that people continue to share on a daily basis. The power of Hive has enabled all of these wonderful projects, including the third water project that is currently under construction. I believe we have compelling reasons to keep talking about Hive till the masses know its potential.

In this blog post, I provide an update on the progress we have made so far with the third Hive water project, which is currently being carried out in Anwomaso, a town in Kumasi, Ghana. The first phase was finished last Saturday, and phase two began today. Information on the first phase of the project is provided HERE . The entire project will go through three phases before being finished.

Phase 2 entails the construction of the tower that the water tank will rest on, the construction of the wall, which will support the taps and act as a vantage point whenever water is fetched. Plumbing and electrical work will be the final two phases of the project. It will also be a stage where a lot of work will be done.

foundation for the Tower to house the water tank

The second phase started with the excavation of the tower's foundation, the installation of the reinforcement bar (Rebar) that will fortify and hold the concrete in tension, and the setting up of the plastic formwork that will hold the concrete.

Setting up the Rebar(Reinforcement Bar)

The formworks were filled in to a certain level with concrete, but the masons needed to wait for the structure to harden before continuing with the process until they reached the tank seat. They should be finished this week to pave way for another work to take start.

Setting up the plastic Formworks

We are confident a quality job will be done because the masons who worked on the first and second water projects were contracted to do this one too. Even though this phase will require a lot of work, all things being equal, we still anticipate seeing it finished this week.

filling in the concrete

An important step in the drilling process is testing the water and cleaning up any dirt. The driller came to the project site today to carry out this task beginning with the pump installation.

Pump Installation

Normally, it takes more time or sometimes few days to be able to remove all the dirt and make room for clean water, but it was different in this location.

flushing out Dirts


There is an abundance of underground water here, so clean water was visible immediately and continued to flow for hours.



This is a good sign; there will undoubtedly be enough water to supply a large number of Anwomaso residents. To all residents who have heard about the project, It's a great relief and a good news knowing that it will soon serve the community.

The ongoing project is making good progress, and we hope to finish it within the time frame we set and hand it over to the community for their use. We are pleased with what we have accomplished with the power of Hive. Our gratitude goes out to everyone who has contributed to this project in various ways. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause that will help popularize Hive in Ghana and around the world.

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Anwomaso, Kumasi-Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


We are making some good progress in Ghana with the third hive borehole. Thanks for helping to make this a success bro @collinz

My pleasure, and thank you for your contributions to the project.

Wow! This is massive; if Hive can help communities with projects like this, I believe greater things can be done with it. Keep up the great work you're doing for this community.

Yes, a massive project, I have said that there will be no limit to what we can do with the power of Hive if we work together. Hive is changing lives

Feeling happy seeing your post.

What kind of a pump are you using? Does the well require electricity to operate?

submersible pumps have been used for all the projects which require electricity to work

I only just found out about this project and it is soo inspiring! Keep going and sharing!