UPDATES: New Hive Water Project Contruction Commences This Week At Agona Bedomase-Ghana

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This post will provide an update on the second Hive water project, which will be constructed in Agona-Bedomase. This is the second initiative we've started after the first one, which was launched successfully in Ghana in April. Those who missed the first project can find out more information HERE. Water, as we all know, is one of life's most essential necessities without which man's survival would be jeopardized.

Even while water covers over 71 percent of the Earth's surface, some areas still lack it. In Ghana, many villages lack access to safe drinking water, forcing residents to travel long distances in order to get water. This called for the need to support such communities with the power of Hive.

Hive is empowering communities and changing lives; the water project will be one of the ways that people will experience Hive's real impact in their lives and will also help send the name of Hive across Ghana and around the rest of the world.

Site Inspection and Meeting with Community Leaders
Following the success of the first project, it was necessary to get a new place to continue aiding individuals who also lack access to drinkable water. Agona Bedmoase, a town in Ghana's Ashanti Region, is our new locaation for the next water project. It is one of the smaller towns in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.





Agona Bedomase town



Inspecting the land allocated for the project

After visiting various towns, this location was picked for the next project; one of the places we offered an update on was Adagya, also in the Ashanti Region.
Agona Bedomase residents do not have access to safe drinking water. During our tour of the town, we discovered that the majority of the residents relied on neighbors who had dug a well. Before they could get to the river, they had to trek a long way. Because the project's long-term sustainability is so important, we made sure that the construction site was well-located and that the water facility would be supervised, maintained and managed well by the community.


meeting with the community leaders yesterday

Ensuring the long term sustainance of the project, was one of the key issues we discussed with the community leaders when we met them yesterday. The warmly received us and expressed their delight at the good news. We intend to start working as soon as possible with their permission.

Project Commencement
Following the meeting, we were given a plot of land at where everyone could conveniently reach the water supply. Construction work on the water project will begin this week, with the permission of community leaders, and we plan to finish it in two weeks, when the project will be launched.

We were given funding for this project by @valueplan, and because this is something we want to do more in order to spread the word about Hive throughout Ghana and the rest of the world, any support from Hivers would be greatly appreciated.


@mcsamm and I @collinz,project supervisors


We appreciate @guiltyparties' support and guidance for this project, as well as everyone who has helped us in various ways to ensure that Hive reaches places where it can make a difference. With our blog post, we'll keep the community up to date on the project's different phases.Thanks for your time.Regards


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That's what I call blockchain real life use case. Happy to read about more stories like this one.

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we are also happy😊 to see the impact that Hive is making here in Ghana and rest of the world.

Amazing, this is a really good use case for crypto, help build real stuff for real people.

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Hive is making real impacts around the world

Let us celebrate the tremendous contributions hive is doing in Ghana. Thank you for your assistance in making this a reality.

My pleasure

I love this project, which will truly improve people's living conditions!

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Thanks for the love

Amazing, God bless you guys.

Good to see that hive is actually changing lives

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Hive is indeed changing lives

Fracking awesome sauce 👌