A terrific idea and something that is simple without taking up much time.

The numbers that are on here, if we saw a big push from even a decent size, we would see a difference.

Of course, if each poster would take the time to leave 5-10 comments a day to engage with the userbase, that would help things a great deal also.

Zero HIVEs for the encouragement!

Noted #HiveIsThePlace , will use them in upcoming post .

Well you're right, advertising done with the words of mouth can be effective, that doesn't however change the fact that sometimes people want a proper channel before they can talk about hive. Twitter is a great place, hopefully we stand out amongst many undeserving projects.


I have a feeling we need even bigger presence on twitter, maybe with clear structure, framework and goals as well. I think basically that is it. But then we need to do better as a community

Don't overthink it. Let it happen. That "bigger presence" happens one person at a time! None of the other big projects have done any "Twitter planning" at all. It's always been organic. In fact, I would say if it isn't organic, it'll probably fail.

I do that not as frequent as I wished for... but yeah, this sounds really simple and easy. At least if we do set a target for yourself, it will tremendously help. 1 share per day... quite simple... if we do the math... damn crazy.

The only bad part is that twitter censors links... so, sometimes we have to post a picture and then do a reply to that with the link.


About the Twitter censoring, you don't see any changes while using the account that tweeted, only others... or more realistically speaking, only others don't see what they decide as not being adequate to theirs needs. I use a secondary account to validate if the tweet is being censored or not. Not always happens, yes, but as soon as they classify your "sharing" as having "too many links", they start censoring.

I found a quick way to fool the algorithm, by interleaving more links of something not recently used on the same tweet, but does not always work. I am guessing they also consider the number of hashtags, number of chars, etc. And if I am not mistaken they also check plagiarism automatically via a database. Then, there is a kind of score, that if under their specified level, will get censored.

Has your account been hacked?

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Most of other crypto tokens lacks with true user base, but HIVE got that. Not only true, most of HIVERs are loyal to the chain & to the platform.