The water's crossing

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The water's crossing
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original poetry and photomanipulations

 - . - . - .  by @d-pend  . - . - . -  


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The water's crossing

I am at sea — the mariner in me
reckons by the passage of the sun —
the waxing and the waning of the moon,
the motion of the waves and of the clouds —
a stillness strange — a fell serenity
where rivers all amalgamate as one
and breathless waters breathe eternal tune.

The lifting and the falling of the shrouds
that lie between me and the endless sea
tantalize with glimpses and soft hints,
and softer words — beneath the human ear
that hum along with ebbing of the tide
and furnish me with calm prosperity.

In darkness do the dim and subtle glints,
glad ringings of the warm celestial sphere
visit me — sit vigil at my side
until the water's crossing is achieved.

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Images and writing by Daniel Pendergraft
created to be published on HIVE on May 19, 2020.



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I never cease to be amazed at the way you put words together.


rivers all amalgamate as one

It's such an alchemical word. When applied to nature it gives a spiritual feeling. The poem is about the crossing but makes us feel warm inside. It looks like after writing this you are ready to go to sleep. And judging by the pictures you chose for this post you will be rocked to sleep. Kinetosis is something we can all relate to.

Nice poetry and complimentary photography

This is a really nice composed piece of poetry. This line:

and furnish me with calm prosperity.

reminds of a cool calm lake we have in my native city. I always enjoy visiting it anytime am around.