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RE: OCD Community Incubation Program Finalized

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Whooot, thanks for supporting the third most drunken liquid on earth BEER.

The BEER community is quite active and we have today 519 members. There are many different things we do and here a short intro.

I will inform the community about the OCD support and we will be more active here with the high quality posts from each week.

Background #BeerSaturday

Since more than 3 years we as well run the #BeerSaturday Challenge** where you might win some HIVE or BEER token and now as well an OCD vote - but only for quality content with some nice pics and your own story about that beer at this bar or at that situation with your friends an family.

Background BEER token

Most of you know that there is as BEER token and the beloved !BEER delivery service from @BeerLover who is sending free token as a thank you to anybody where you comment. Sure, you need to have some BEER staked to do this and you may read all the details at the blog of @beerlover

Next steps

We will follow the rules from OCD and will come with some posts about beer and we will use as well the discord #beer channel.

Please give us a hand, if we do anything wrong or let us know where we can do better