The speedway awakens: building a backyard mountain bike course

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I've been in New Hampshire for several months. Living with my Mother!

What better way to keep busy during the global pandemic than home improvement? Soon after I arrived in April, my brother @jhimmel and I began work on a backyard mountain bike course.

My new documentary tells the rest of the story:

This course is known for its multiple elements including the "drop of death" whose surface consists of 33 locally-sourced beams of despair.

Thanks @jhimmel, @trang, @hirschey, and @gourmetcellist for the help making the course. I'm redirecting 32% of the post rewards to your accounts as a way of showing my appreciation.

Here's a bonus photo that's not part of the video. A Hive exclusive:

The mountain bike course winding through fern groves

Notice the Ostrich Ferns on the right. They make for delicious eating in their younger fiddlehead stage. Just make sure not to harvest more than half of the fiddleheads per crown for sustainability.

Background music

The background sound (played twice) is called Oppression For Your Dignity, which I found on the audiohub royalty-free music page and is released under a CC BY 4.0 License.

Side note

I was looking for a way to post the video on a Hive-based site. But I wasn't able to get @threespeak working. First, I deplore having to provide any of my private keys to an untrusted site. And @threespeak doesn't support Hive Keychain. Second, even when I tried to provide my Posting Key, it didn't work. I was never able to attach my Hive account with my 3speak login.

And if it did work, is @threespeak materially any different than embedding a YouTube link? Both methods are using a centralized video hosting service to store the video and only using Hive for rewards and commenting.

Any advice on decentralized video platforms?


I rate this trail blue square level.

Phenomenal cinema. Glad to see the squirrel, diddleheads, and other accouterments made it to the A-reel. @gourmetcellist wanted a fixing of the bridge? Maybe I should have let him get away with the Univega road-bike.

Nice job! I used to a big mt bike rider but then got into road bikes and fixed gear. Maybe I'll get back into it. Nice to have a course in the backyard haha...

Yeah. When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to do more urban riding, usually as part of extreme commuting. Probably similar to being a bike messenger.

Being in a remote area and mountain biking is probably safer than urban riding... and almost as thrilling!

Yes I was a messenger in DC, Seattle, and SF. Actually I tried to keep it from being thrilling although I loved it. More of a zen like experience. Mt biking? Those downhills scare me. I live in Phuket and some of the downhills on some trails I find scary because trees don't move haha. I used to keep buying mt bikes and then try it and then sell them. Maybe a cross bike would suit me better... That's a lovely area up there. I spent some time in Vermont and upstate NY.

Hey man, some really great stuff here :) Looks fun!
Nicely done !

P.S. Thar fire looks close to the the woods ... was it safe?

A bit too close to the trees for my liking, but my mother had established a stick pile there that would have been annoying to move. But in the future, I'd do another location with more distance to the trees and leaf canopy.

I don't think the risk of forest fire is high, but still I don't want to damage the trees. Trying to get the trees as gigantic as possible in order to create an enchanted forest vibe.

Wow, that looks awesome :) Good job guys! You know how to keep yourselves busy in the pandemic times :) Btw that fire was huuuge, I hope you had it under control :D

Indeed, the fire celebrated my 31st birthday! We burned some sticks my mom had been picking up from the yard.

In terms of biomass consumed, I think it was probably smaller than the Christmas fire documented at

In the future, we will use the location of the Christmas fire. A bit further down the hill, but with much more clearance from trees.

Oh wow, this one is pretty epic too. Christmas Fire... is that one of your Christmas traditions? :)

We have no traditions... just urges and spontaneity!

My mother likes to give us gifts underneath a faux christmas tree. But sometimes she is not ready until several days after December 25. The gifts are often the same gifts that we rejected in previous years!

One year I took @jhimmel's alarm clock from his bedroom, wrapped it up, and presented it to him as a gift! The gift of joy! It's the thought that counts!

Ahahaha, that was funny :D I mean not just that alarm clock story but the whole thing, your unusual approach towards celebrating Christmas :)

Wow I cant stop myself from commenting. You guys had done a great job although I can see its tiring especially for the girls but all the hard works has paid off. You were able to produce a magnificent Christmas fire. Above all, its pretty obvious that all of of you were having fun, what a wonderful family!

Belated Happy 31st birthday!

Awesome! Hadn't heard of either of these. Would be cool if they could integrate with Hive.

Jotting down some references I looked through on

Your videos were fantastic you can make a lot of money out of it, like uploading it on youtube and #threespeak, I hope you'll be able to access threespeak soon.

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Excelente post amigo

Hey @dhimmel,

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Thank you.

ouchh....that fall look painful!

I just followed you on YouTube. Hope to see more of your videos soon. Great job.

wow, looks like fun! :)

Bella experiencia, compartir retos y gustos comunes. AMIGOS

Wow, very cool. Seeing this for the first time. Can't help but that bike course still in use?

Hi dear friend
I really liked your video
Jogging in the jungle is so exciting!

Regarding the question you asked:
You do not have to attach your Hive account with your 3speak login and all you have to do is register with 3speak with your email!

The only difference between threespeak in terms of content and putting a YouTube link is that it is more visible in 3speak
And when you post in 3speak, it will be displayed in your hive
Be happy and healthy

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