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I was named Dibin by my parents. A native of Kerala, India. Live as a teacher in Bihar. It is my brother @dijin who forced me to write in hive. He told me to write an introductory post about myself but I am at sixes and sevens as I am new to this platform.


Who am I? I don't think I am enough noetic to answer this. Even the greatest scholars like 'Shankaracharya' could not find the answer for this.
Let me try to introduce myself with my tastes.I can explicate my likes instead of what is me.Got confused?? Personally I think there is a slight difference between these two. For example, when I was a child I wanted to be an actor, in teenage it changed into a script writer.But now I am a teacher.
I could never define me at any stage of my life.That's why I told you its better to start with my tastes as the other is more complicated.



As I have mentioned earlier, I am much interested in literature. To read and to write. If you ask me any favourites among them, the answer is no. Because according to me every writing gives something new to learn.



Got obessed with photography when I was 23.The reason for it was a neighbor who is a national award winner.Constantly watching his snaps lead me to try a bit in mobile photography.Now I have a small group in facebook named 'My mobile clicks'Its ma group



Like an average Indian, I am keenly interested in cricket.I believe I am a tolerable wicket keeper batsman (But my brother may disagree as he is jealous for a bit😄). Anyway he can't object my interest on it. I watch soccer too (But play with kids below 10 only).



I didn't know even to make a cup of tea before reaching Bihar(A state in India).I got a job as a teacher there and started a bachelor's life. As I was 2700km away from my home, I had to prepare food for myself.Even my pet dog left me for good because of my unorthodox experiments in kitchen. But gradually I learned to cook food in my own style. (But the dog never came back)



My father was a good singer. He was not professional but was well known in neighborhood.I lost him when I was 10.It was after his death I realized my interest in music. I never learned music but often sing(testing neighbors' eardrums)



As India has a great variety of cultures, I always loved to visit different places of it. As we pass each 100 kilometers, the slang changes; different cuisines, different habiliments, different music, different crops, different landscapes.It's quite pleasure to travel, knowing the heartbeat of India. Recently we had to travel 2700 km by bus to reach home as there was no other means of transport available due to covid 19.Fellow travelers felf the journey as harassing but for an unknown reason I really enjoyed it. (Please dont misunderstand me.I am completely normal.Physically and mentally 🙂)

Family &Friends


I was a chatterbox since my childhood. Always wanted to be with a group of friends. Still maintain many of them.( I believe the others separated because of them.) I still love the chats we have together, sitting on the riverbank.

with my daughter

In the same way, I love my family. Still fight with my younger brother and my daughter. I try to maintain my youth by this.(Its needed when our body says "Dude you are getting old").
Hope I can make more friends in Hive.

Thank you for reading me! 🙏🏻
Sincere gratitude to @jasonbu, @sathyasankar, @zord189, @sayee, @brittandjosie, @giftgiver, @acidio


Welcome to Hive, I hope to see a few more posts from you in the future.

Welcome dining and brother of @djin. Welcome in the Hive and on the blockchain. The adventure begins here.
I know you already have help from your brother ( thank you for onboarding ) but if you need help just let us know. Me and @jamerussell will feature you in the @heyhavyamet , to the platform again. You are in our discord already so dont be shy and join in the vote and friend fun.

You are too funny @dibindpk Your dog left you. Well, he had to find an owner who knew how to cook, lol.

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Welcome to Hive. I hope your journey here is worthwhile here.

Thank you buddy for your advice.. Hope more...

I'm a she. Engage with you again soon. Take care, and have a nice weekend.

Ha ha ha... it was my mistake... will try not to repeat it... lol

No worries. I've been called a bit harsher words that that, lol. Anyway, I wanted to stop back by and thank you for your decision to follow my journey on Hive. I appreciate your confidence that you believe I have good content for other authors. Hope to engage with you again soon. Take care, and have a great weekend.

It was very nice reading your introduction and learning about you. Like you, I am new here too. Welcome, and I look forward to seeing your growth here in hive!

And welcome to Hive. Great intro post. Looks like you will have a lot to draw on for posts and meshing with several of the communities on Hive. You should check out all communities on PEAKD.com. Best wishes and keep at the posting and engagement.

Hello and welcome to Hive!
I look forward to reading your posts. :)

Thank you for the support

Lovely intro dear....👍 How come Kerela people easily getting job in bihar....even thouugh bihar is considered to be an education hub with many too burecrats coming out of Bihar.....

Anyway good to see you begining new journey....all the best 💪

Thank you dear... Personally I feel the public educational system is to be improve a lot. So, there is job opportunities in private educational field.... Anyway, its my second home now... People of the area known for there frankness......

For sure...you are in the best part of india, with love all around...btw which city in Bihar....hope you know @sathyashankar he also reside in bihar and ia a govt teacher.

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Welcome to HIVE @dibindpk.

This is one of the finest intros I have ever seen on HIVE blockchain.

Little bit about HIVE- You can make real money from here. However, on top of that, it is the people you are going to be interacting with gonna make HIVE an excellent choice you have ever made on internet.

I have been on this blockchain for over 2.5 years now. I have learnt so many things from here. Be consistent and you will surely never regret spending your time on HIVE.

You can always check https://www.hiveblocks.com to know your statistics on HIVE.

Never compare HIVE with Facebook or any such other social medias for that matter. HIVE is a DPOS based blockchain about which you should have a little knowledge inorder to get a better understanding about the way of working of this social media.

Thousands of Hivers are here to help you! 💪

Thanks dude..... Anyway, just thinking to spend more time here....

Welcome to hive @dibindpk.
Glad we meet .
Love from North east India.

Glad for your support.... with love....

Looking forward to see some more beautiful posts from you. Have a great time.

Thank you... won't let you dawn...

Well written intro

Welcome to Hive, My Friend.
Wish you all the success.

Thanks dear.... your compliment means a lot to me.

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Welcome to Hive. You have written well. You can post photos, write education based articles and so on. Also, interact with the community and share your posts on social media so that more friends join.

Thank you sayeee... I just want to be a visual story teller here.... expect your cooperation...

of course, and please use education tag if it is teaching based. All the best and if you are into story writing, you can check out the @freewritehouse

I will be fed up by saying sorry to you... I think you have already completed a research on hive😄

Welcome dibindpk!
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