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Dear hivers friend ...

I am proud to be an Acehnese society. At present the international world is looking at the humanity of the people of Aceh. While all ASEAN countries reject boat people that are adrift in the ocean, it is precisely the sense of humanity present from the people of Aceh.

Initially, the local government, through the security forces had refused to return them to the high seas in the district of Seunuddon, North Aceh.

The existence of Rohingya refugees was seen by the people of the village of Lancok, Syamtalira Bayu sub-district, which is about 35 kilometers from Seunuddon sub-district.

The Lancok villagers urged the authorities to take their Rohing refugees to the mainland, initially being rejected, but because the people condemned and forcibly boycotted, their Rohing refugees were finally picked up and landed in Lancok village.

The atmosphere of emotion was present amidst Rohingnya refugees, they seemed to feel very grateful for being accepted on the land of Aceh.

This is a form of humanity, and our society upholds humanity.


"This is a form of humanity, and our society upholds humanity." I felt that, hoping that more society and communities will freely welcome others with no inclusivity -- just pure love.

Hal yang patut dicontohi oleh negara negara lain mengenai perihal naluri kemanusian kita, aceh bisa mencontohi bagaimana memanusiakan manusia yang sebenarnya, respect,, salam naggroe aceh