On DSES birthday: A Birth of a New Chain Countdown: Where D.S.E.S Will Stand

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Hello everyone! For those who has been following my introduction since day one would have known that this account’s main purpose was to introduce (and will continue to introduce) the whole idea of local peer-to-peer support operating on a parallel ecosystem with the centralised banking, especially during emergencies or simply mere support for one another in the light of crypto currency; bypassing unnecessary red tapes and overcharged services and delays when there is a quick (and urgent) need.

This whole idea has always been what Satoshi Nakamoto has thought of from day one, seemless hassleless transactions all over.

And that is why D.S.E.S has been looking out for real world charitable investors who will be interested in donating to our collaborating partner @gtpjfoodbank to purchase over their steem in order to help the Food Bank to acquire fiat to purchase food for the hard-core poor people and enters around Klang Valley with the help of @fundition and @adollaraday .

And the last 2 years it has been wonderful when prices were on a much stable environment for the Food Bank to enjoy the peer-to-peer exchange, while some charitable investors who didn’t want a steem account parked in this account to support good quality content writers like authors from #teammalaysia and recently skimming through @project.hope’s articles as well when the VP is high enough.

The uncertainties ahead:

However we are still uncertain what lies ahead, as what I personally has been 2 clashes of interest resulting 2 different blockchains of governance; which is pretty simple because there’s always room for technology growth in this area when fiat is so ever vulnerable and relies on the strength of each country / union. But such simple split seems to have turned into a sour political clash between tyrant submission (who usually thinks money is everything) and freedom of speech. I personally find that these 2 will never be able to see things eye-to-eye and it is actually a blessing in disguise that this is going to split into two different governances and be done with it.

This is pure governance disagreement, and I hope that those who either favour / against either side of the idea will for once and for all, end mutual trolling against each other and choose to part ways on their different paths

Simply because I already see new communities formed and the old campers now picking fights on every single small thing just because he / she is not welcoming to the change

And let the acid test on both chain be done – to see if a true decentralisation community driven will thrive without leaching on a single entity to help them to function; or the traditional centralised blockchain with traditional governance thrive as usual.

Personal Stand – Supporting what is needed

At the end of the day, even before @justinsunsteemit came in or @ned left, Steem’s potential has never been fully amplified; and I truly hope that both #hive and #steem chains will look beyond dispute against each other now that Sun will have his private property all by himself and he can do whatever he wants, and truly look into world changing crisis solving situations that this 2 blockchain can truly help the grassroot people; and stop being complacent and sing “kum-ba-ya” only with social media content “porn” of all categories and forget that what lies ahead in the real world matters more than just profit.

That being said, the stakeholders and delegators who have been generous enough to help kick-start this original content supporting project for serious writers and content creators already received their dividend from our curation rewards one last time before the snapshot is taken and the split.
Wishing you all Godspeed and Good Health.


Join the community in our migration to Hive, a community built blockchain for the community. All Steem account holders will receive equivalent stake on the new Hive blockchain.

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