Amazing post! You've made me interested in The Dinner. Its gonna be movie night tonight! :)


Can everybody summon Engament tokens? seen them regularly on my posts, but wasn't able to give someone else this token.

You need to have 1k of them to issue them out with the command :)

Oww thanks, need to look into that


Hahaha WOW, thanks man! :)

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NJOY movie night :) You could also close your eyes and make it music night. The video you’ll create yourself by letting your mind flow on the music :)

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World, see you after one hour and 16 minutes :)

how was the trip?

Inspirational :) She just landed yesterday in one article, as an example of good music ;)) Thanks to the creator of this post and THIS one too ;)


weather in the last years is getting more crazy. beside of huge storms in Netherlands or fires in Australia, Amazon or Siberia, recently a huge part of Pine Island iceberg cracked and collapsed. Scientist and journalists are talking about size of Malta

WOW, although Malta is not really big, when some sinilar size of ice is cracking is huge!!!

so at least Cio-Dor keeps us alive :) I had few opportunities to listen her live but never really took this opportunity. Now I am quickly scrolling this set and I must admit that it has its good moments, like for example 15min, 32min, 50min and many more. she is good in building a great atmosphere

I love the variety in this set; Not all for the rave dance floor, but therefore even better to listen at home.
What places did you hear her? I think she once was booked at De School in Amsterdam.

it was at Up To Date Festival in Bialystok, biggest city of north-east Poland, near to Belarus and Russian borderline

Oww cool. BTW is this the festival you once mentioned you like so much?

it is very possible, congrats for a good memory ;)

Hey, when it is about good music and great festivals, I never forget :)

I was your 100th vote! woo hoo! Love that first image by the way, scary stuff.

How cool; 100th :) yeah, stormy weather :)

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