Msp Waves bought NFT art and triggered creative contest with dynamic price pool 200 - 1500+ Hive

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Breaking news: Msp waves just bought the first NFT of my Hexagon Hiver animation release edition of 12.


Every sale of one of the twelve NFTs


increase the price pool by 125-200 HIVE

This 1st sale triggers the attached contest for all Hive creatives to take my animation and make a cool Hive commercial out of it. You do not need to buy the NFT to participate. You can make a voiceover or soundtrack, you can reedit, add text, animation, glitches or do whatever you like with it.
alt link to download here:

125 HIVE are in the price pool now. that´s 1/12 of the

maximum possible prize pool: 1500+ Hive

if all 12 NFT´s find a Hive whale/orca/dolphin.

I´ll add 75 Hive in the first round to make it

200 HIVE total to start off.


you do NOT have to buy the NFT to participate
download animation, be creative,
post the result on Hive + simply tag me @elgeko in the post
Tweet about your post & contest entry and use hashtag #nftshowroom

in Dezember 2020 - I will announce the winner of the full prize pool accumulated until then. In case there are no entries price worthy, the amount goes into jackpot for the second pick of the best Advertising promotion clip made out of the Animation.This will be around April 2021. If not all 12 pieces are sold until then I announce a 3rd pick around October 2021. Jury will be an invited selection of creatives from the HIVE art communities OnChainArt and AlienArtHive.

I hope this contest will attract some creative powers.

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Goddamn you're cool Geko. That's an excellent idea.

Love the idea, i'll help spread the world on twitter also

WOW. you are here with a great idea! appreciate 🍻🍻♥️

Where is the download link? I’d like to participate!

@djleo super, i have uploaded the animation here as well today, as alternative download.

message received.

We have to make an animation like yours ?
But it is an amazing animation , it is super hard to do better

Try blender, it's easy, could be done in a day, or a week if you are new to 3D and are doing tutorials to start, usually in a month you should easily produce similar works.

And then ideas are what matters , thank you so much for the tip ☀️

Everything is practice and perspective, this took 2 hours.




2h is not much for this ... it is amazing 🙂