The Dropa Creatures - Aliens or Not?

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Chi Pu-Tei, a professor at Beijing University led students on the expedition to survey a series of interlinking caves in the Himalayan mountains, in 1937.





It was said that the caves have been artificially carven, and were more like a complex system of tunnels and underground storerooms. The walls were squared and glazed as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat.

Inside the caves, professor Chi Pu-Tei found several ancient but neatly arranged burial sites, and in them the skeletal remains of the strange "people".

The skeletons, measuring a little more than 4 feet (120 cm) tall were frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls. At first, it was suggested that the remains may be of an unknown species of the mountain gorilla. Professor Chi Pu-Tei disputed it! "Has anyone ever heard of apes burying one another?", he asked.

On the walls of the caves were carved pictograms of the "Heavens", including the sun, moon, stars, and the Earth with lines of dots connecting them.

It was right after this that discs were discovered, which are (according to forensic examinations) older than the "Great Pyramid" in Egypt.

For over 20 years the discs were stored at Beijing University, and then professor Tsum Um-Nui entered into the picture.

In 1962, he painstakingly transcribed the characters from discs to paper. The writing was so small, he had to use a magnifying glass to see it clearly. Doe to the age of discs, many hieroglyphics were difficult to make out (they've been worn away by time and elements).

Once the characters were transcribed, professor Nui began the very difficult task of trying to decode its message, for which he needed two years.

Nui later published his findings and said that "Dropa" diss tell a story of a space probe from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Balan-Kara-Ula mountains in the Himalayas.

That's located in the Sichuan province (Southwest China), the home of the great giant panda and golden-haired monkey. During the 1937 expedition, 716 graves were found. Each grave contained a strange 4-foot tall skeleton and an odd disc. Discs were about a foot (30 cm) in diameter, and 1/3 of an inch (0.85cm) thick, with a hole in the center.


Question for you: do Dropa discs remind you of "CDs", and vinyl?



Texts on some discs ALLEGEDLY tell a story about crash-landing on the Earth and relations between Dropa creatures and members of the Han (Khan) tribe who hunted down "aliens" and executed some of them.

A translation of one of the Han tribe passages says: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aerial vehicles. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last we realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions."

According to various sources, including Dr. Wickstrom, today, the isolated area is inhabited by two tribes of people, in fact, they call themselves the Dropa and the Han.

Anthropologists were unable to categorize either tribe into any other known "race". they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Both tribes are of pygmy stature. Adults are measuring between 3 ft. 6 inches (106 cm) and 4 ft. 7 inches (140 cm). An average height is 4 ft. 2 inches (127 cm) and body weight of between 38 (17 kg) and 52 (23.5 kg) pounds.

Dropa are yellow-skinned thin creatures with disproportionately large heads and large eyes (with pale blue irises) that are not Asian in aspect.


Shortly after WW2, an English scientist Dr. Robin-Evans acquired one of the discs, in India. He was told the disc originates from the weird people of "Dzopa", which led him on a journey to find the true origin thereof.

Sir Evans gave that particular disc to Prof. Dr. Nui, 'cause Nui was the only person able to decode disc messages. Backed by colleagues, Prof. Dr. Nui stated: "The groove-writing tells me of aerial vehicles that according to the granite disc existed 12 000 years ago.". In one place, the disc talks about the Dropa coming down from the clouds with air-gliders.

It took archeologists and scientists over two decades to decipher other discs' texts! By the way, the picture I used for the lead image was ALLEGEDLY taken by Dr. Robin-Evans sometime in 1947.

In 1968, a Soviet scientist, Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev re-published the findings of Dr. Tsum Um-Nui and conducted tests on the discs. Tests revealed some very peculiar properties:

  • discs contained large amounts of cobalt

  • during tests with an oscillograph, discs were shown to "vibrate" and create "hum" in an unusual rhythm, as the electric charge was passing through them.

One old Chinese tale tells a story about small yellow people who came from the clouds and were shunned by everyone due to their ugliness. The tale goes on to say that small people with large heads were hunted by the men with quick horses (possibly, Mongols).

Here comes the shocker: in 1995, a Chinese news report issued a report about the discovery of a tribe of 120 people of previously unclassified ethnology in the province of Sichuan, which lies on the eastern border of the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range (also known as Bayan Har mountains).

"The most important aspect of this tribe was the size of its people" they stated. "None are taller than 3 ft. 10 inches (116 cm), while the smallest adult is measuring 2 ft. 1 inch (63.5 cm)". Those claims fully correlate with Dr. Vyetcheslav's discoveries, and results of forensic examinations.

Some people claim the truth is stranger than fiction. In my opinion, a lot of claims sound "fishy", but that's just me and my opinion. My knowledge regarding the possible existence of "aliens" is basically non-existent. There was a very interesting German expedition during the late 1930s on the Himalayas. According to various sources, Germans were looking for "alien" technology and proof of their visits.

I sincerely hope you liked the story and can supplement my knowledge regarding this particular topic in the comments section, below! Or, even better, write an article, and pour out everything you know and assume to be true!. That kind of story would intrigue many people and wake up our curiosity.



Texts on some discs ALLEGEDLY tell a story about crash-landing on the Earth and relations between Dropa creatures and members of the Han (Khan) tribe who hunted down "aliens" and executed some of them.

God bless the lizard slayers!

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