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In this video we see Thad Ridsdill face off against Mikhail Miller. Both champions in their own right. This video - As with most of mine - Was Shot on the Sony A7III using the 50mm f1.8.

I was there to film for Thad. Praying for another knockout win and awesome footage - Unfortunately fate had another plan that night. After a string of cancellations over the course of a few months Thad finally found himself stepping into the ring again. He put in the work before hand - It just wasn't his night.

That being said I was faced with trying to craft a video around the person on the losing end of the fight. He didn't win - Once i accepted that I decided to try and show Thads resilience - His heart. His unwillingness to give anything other than his all. I choose the title Bellator because of that it means. One does not need to win to be considered a warrior. One must simply embody the spirit of a warrior.

I've been working on a longer documentary about Thad and his passion for fighting. It's been a blast. I really enjoy spending time with and learning about people who have thrown themselves completely into something that they enjoy. Thad's love and respect for fighting is truly beautiful. And regardless of whether or not he walked away a winner that night is irrelevant in respect to him being a warrior.

Hope to be releasing a new short film in the next month or so among other videos.

No Retreat. No Surrender
(also a bad Van Damme movie - 3/10 - Would not recomend)

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