HEY FUCKERS! Momma said knock you out!

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I bring you the co-main event from the night of fights at the Children's Arena in Oshawa Ontario Canada. In this bout we see local boxer Bad Thad Ridsdill go up against Hector Luna of Mexico.

The Music used in this video is "High Flyer by Duce Williams and it was licensed through Artlist.io. I would like to thank Richard Perth, Taylor Shane Bailey and Vince Revo (@dnews) for their help with this shoot. The Documentary about thad is still in the works - He's had a few flights canceled for various reason over the last few months - one of which was due to the current Coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the globe.

This was shot using the Sony A7III and the 50mm f1.8 oss lens. Everything was filmed using a shoulder rig. I shot using a combination of 4K 24fps - 1080p 120fps and a handful of clips were captured using the super 35mm crop mode. Everything edited in adobe premiere pro.

If you would like to follow Thad please check out the links below.
Facebook: bit.ly/2J9qiwR
Instagram: bit.ly/3bc7EAi
Youtube: bit.ly/39e2r9I

Like I said I'm doing my best to post more often.
Let's make this place something amazing.
That's all for now guys.
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fantastic job on the editing here. Honestly the camera angles worked really well, I felt like I had a better view of the action here than I have seen on professional televised bouts. I suppose part of that is getting to back in and edit together the best angles vs. a live production where someone is making the calls on which shot to use on the fly, but this is really top notch.

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Thank you brother! I struggle a lot with believing my content is any good - as a large amount of creatives do. These kinds of videos are made in the edit for sure. Shooting slow mo gives me so much extra footage to work with. Things that had they of been captured in real time - they might seem insignificant - but since it's slow motion the poetry of the motion is amplified. With a 4 round fight shot in slow mo I've got almost an hour of content.

I've posting a new fight right now!

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