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HEY FUCK FACE! - Same Song 2nd VIDEO!!

I bring you an alternate version of the music video for Brave Young Soul's debut single, "Feel it in my Bones" which is available on all your favourite platforms!

So yeah I shared the official video yesterday. So what's going on?.... Well We filmed a ton - once we got all the footage we needed I decided to have the band members switch positions and play different parts of the song - just for fun. What was originally intended as filler material for the official video morphed into its own and I figured I would just run with it. Pretty happy with how it turned out.

You can check out the OFFICIAL VIDEO below!

That's all for now!
Hope you're well.
Much love.

Here's the Spotify link:

Video by E.M Walker (Instagram: @e_m_walker | Youtube:

Recorded by Joseph Frustaglio (IG: @jfru_stag)
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Harden (IG: @therecordroomstudio)

Follow us on all those fancy social media things:
FB: @BraveYoungSoul (
IG: @BraveYoungSoul (


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