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RE: Tiny Planet: The Huer's Hut, Newquay

in OCDlast year

Hello @daverobe. I'm stopping by with a few suggestion if I may, as I see you're new on Hive and this chain is different that Steemit.

We have different niche communities on Hive and we're encouraging users to post in communities, based on the topic of their post. This post would fit nicely in Photography Lovers, which is for all type of photography.

OCD is for topics that don't fit in any other community and should be used only when you don't find a niche community for your post.

Here's a guide I put together to help you learn about how communities work and why you should use them -> Communities Explained - Newbie Guide.

Once you posted your post in the right community, you can then cross post it to OCD community. Here's a guide about cross posting.

Please don't delete any post with the purpose of reposting it in another community as that can be considered abuse! Leave this post here, you'll get it right next time.

Also, I see you've been here since April and you haven't made a single comment and you're not replying to comments either. You may want to rethink your strategy as this is neither right, nor polite.