My introduction to hive community

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Hello Hiveians,

This is my introduction post and participation of contest conducted by @anomadsoul. You can see the complete post about the contest here


Who is erode?

I didn't create my ID as "erode" (I mean it evolved). My first ID was @ranjithpvrp and second @mysore and finally, it came @erode. I have no intention to create a multiple ID but it happened. During an initial stage of a steemit I was attracted by the bidding bots and their ROI. So yeah, you are guessing it right I started to abuse the bot to vote for my impoverished content resulted got added to the blacklist. After I didn't give up again created an account named @mysore again got added with Mysore account and finally, I decided to be a good content creator. Yeah, it was very hard than a previous method ;). Hence I created account erode. I named it erode because it is the name of my study town.

Who am I?


Yeah! It's me

My real name is Ranjith Kumar from South India, Tamil Nadu. I am just 21-year kid 😜 going to complete my Engineering degree in 1 month of this post got published. Also, I am doing a course in Automation and robotics to get a job in core companies. But in between, I got struct in quarantine.

What I was good with?


Image by Josep Monter Martinez from Pixabay

I was not good at blogging. But I would like to express my content in the form of video. Initially, I was shy to perform in front of a camera. I saw vlogs of Sayant who is 5 years younger than me doing much fluently and boldly. That vlogs motivated me to make my first vlog. Hopefully that time I had a two video content platform dlive and dtube. No, actually that was not my camera (above image) it was just a stolen image from pixabay. Here is my camera to capture my vlogs.

Back View

Front view

WhatsApp Image 20200327 at 9.41.37 AM.jpeg

At the beginning stage, no one will notice my video. I thought the remaining vloggers are making videos using their DSLR camera that's the key reason why I was not getting support from the community. Later I chat with Lydia @alphasteem who was a great cooking vlogger gave me a hope that DSLR doesn't matter for video the matter does. Then I started consistency in a vlog and finally I got support from the community.

Well, that's it. I think I covered all the content which I thought to register 😃

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