Fingersik on Hive seeking communities/projects to collaborate with!

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What is it that you’re trying to accomplish here Fingersik?

Few days ago I announced that I am moving to Hive from Steem. I always have been a person that is trying to contribute to his communities as much as possible, therefore even though I will be posting on Hive here and there, I’m also looking for other ways how to contribute to the community. Aim of this post will therefore be my sort of re-introduction of all my deeds I fulfilled on Steem. As I am fully quarantined now, I hope that some of the Hive communities would want me to collaborate with them. Let’s get started shall we?


Just so you know that I’m all about business and fun at all times:P

Dungeon and Steem (DnD Steem edition)

The first gig that I have been truly part of was my DnS game created just for Steem. It was an event that took all committed users (the players and me) around 6 months. After that I distributed about 800 dollars’ worth of Steem to the winners.
In this gig I took role of a Dungeon Master who was revising weekly contributions from the players. I used my fantasy book’s lore to set place for my characters (Elf, Orc, and Human). There were 6 members of each race and only 1 of each shared the same dimension (so there were basically 6 parallel dimensions each containing one Elf, Orc and Human). The interesting thing about this concept was that I gave total freedom to the players and everyone was free do whatever they wanted in their respective dimensions, which lead to totally different storylines unfolding. The last remaining member of each race was proclaimed a winner and won 1/3 of the prize money. I also gave some extra prize money to the creator of the best weekly contribution throughout the whole event.

Sndbox Alumni

Does any Hivian remember Snbox initiative? The creators of Steem Park? Well I was their generation 0 student. The real Original G. The project was supposed to connect new and old users alike, where the older ones were supposed to teach the new ones about Blockchain possibilities and functionalities. We (alumni) were holding contests and giving out prize money, we were in control of a curating account (manual curation) that was curating the undervalued gems that were being posted every day. All of us were delegating to that account, therefore we were able to spread up to 8 dollars’ worth of Steem per upvote. We were trying to do good. Many of us are still around and are trying to work even on Hive. Either Alumni like myself - @emrebeyler (one of the top witnesses), @anomadsoul (OCD curator), but also our “students” like @dedicatedguy or @leaky20.

Oracle-D and D-Core

And finally I have been producing honest reviews of big variety of decentralized project for Oracle-D. I haven’t been a moderator in that community by any means, rather this experience is supposed to illustrate my biggest expertise. After writing those reviews for several months I got nominated by @starkerz into a group that was reviewing projects for one hedge fund and was receiving nice Steem for their effort. Our Job was though put on hold due to reasons that are irrelevant to this post. Anyway decentralized technology is one of my biggest hobbies. I think I understand it and can help people reach similar understanding.


To sum up my “expertise”, I have almost 3 years of experience writing content on Steem. In fact I should be semi-well known due to the fact that I have been around since early Steem ages and have visited Steemfest personally (I even had a tiny little speech there:P). This I hope proves that I could be somewhat trusted. For several months I have been a manual curator for a wealthy account spreading love across the community. I think that I understand Blockchain technology and I can explain it to new members in an easy way. I am loyal guy that, when committed to something, tries his best to do good.

Everything starts anew on Hive. Is there any project that needs help and committed loyal people?


I wasn't aware of the DnD project. That sounds interesting. Any project on Hive would certainly be lucky to have you. Good luck on the platform!

That has happened before you joined us in Sndbox:) It was super cool even though extremely hard and time consuming for me...but it was fun:)

Thanks bro!:) Lets wait and see.